Why Us

Our Trustworthy Commitment

It is our duty to ensure the best to be delivered to our customer, in terms of quality, pricing and shipment. It is always our faith that we can only grow better if both our customers and suppliers stay in a growing trend, and we play a part in building the trust in between.

Controlled Quality

We understand the worries of our customers when purchasing from a new source. As your strategic partner, we take care of this.

Before we engage with a new source, we will ensure they are a genuine supplier and third party inspection report will be requested for the material purchase. For our existing supplier, we will have continuous monitoring on their performance to ensure the consistency of their performance.

We could also provide an independent third party inspection report upon request whenever there is purchases. They will be the world class recognized inspection company, such as SGS, Alfred H Knight, Nippon Kaiji Kentei, Intertek and the rest.

Competitive Price

Price might not be playing the most important role for some of our customers, but yet, it is always our mission to ensure our customers to enjoy the utmost benefit with the best price.

We always have few sources to purchase bulk alloys to ensure the benefit of our customers is protected. Of cause, their product quality will also be part of our monitoring to ensure the “true” advantage to be enjoyed.

As for the other products, we always discuss the price as well as the latest technology to be implemented with our principles. To ensure two ways communication to be conveyed, we also update our principles for the feedback from our customers.

On Time Delivery

Being part of our customers’ supply chain, we always believe the flexibility of delivery also plays an important role in today’s volatile market.

To ensure provide flexibility on delivery, we must have sufficient stock and order on hand. By doing keeping quality and pricing in control, we always being awarded with sizeable purchases, 100% of their total consumption sometimes, allowing us to have better control in providing on time at a lowest cost possible.

Additional to these, we always prepared in dealing with emergency case from our customers, who required additional materials to be sent very soon due to their last minute order from their downstream.